HaileyWingit Onlyfans, Career, Boyfriend, Height & Net Worth

Hailey, aka Just Wingit, is a popular Canadian Instagram model, TikTok star, and internet sensation known for her lip-sync videos, TikTok posts, and modeling content.


HaileyWingit Education
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She is a bright and determined individual who understands the importance of education. From her focused high school years in Canada to her college enrollment, she has consistently prioritized learning and personal growth. With a passion for science and math, She has always been intrigued by the inner workings of the world. Unwavering commitment and dedication to her studies define her character. Her belief in education as the key to success serves as an inspiration to others to never give up on their dreams.


After graduating, she made a firm decision to pursue a career in the fashion industry and content creation. Utilizing social media platforms as her stepping stone, she gradually and determinedly embarked on her professional journey. It was on Instagram where Wingit initially kickstarted her fashion career, showing off her unique style and fashion-forward content.

In addition to her fashion photos, she started posting explicit adult content on the platform. As time went on, she began to admit that she enjoyed making short videos specifically for the TikTok app.She has worked with other well-known Tiktok creator and brands.

In addition, she began her acting and modeling career after signing up for several roles in adult entertainment, like Onlyfans and Hamster. among many others, naughty America. She also began acting in small roles on pornographic websites.

What type of content does she share on instagram?

She has 2 insta accounts. Her content is bold for example ‘’Pov i just found out i can take 2 at once’’ Also she creates and shares adult content on her social media channels, according to her audience’s needs.Alongside her adult content, she also keeps her followers updated on her fashion choices and lifestyle updates. Her social media presence offers a blend of intimate content and glimpses into her fashion-forward and vibrant lifestyle


The young celebrity is in a relationship with her boyfriend, although she has not disclosed any details about him, such as his name or personal information.While she has shared content On social media, she has posted content that references her boyfriend, including moments such as him accidentally causing a mess in the house and her diligently cleaning up afterwards.

Facts about her

  • Due to her love for pets, she has a cat as a companion.
  • She’s a political science student
  • She works as a bartender at a well-known bar called Hooters.
  • In her free time, she enjoys reading books. Nowadays her favorite one by one freida mcfadden
  • Her close  friend  names are isla moon, and Sandy inlace
  • She loves to dance, She frequently shares videos of herself dancing on her social media platforms. 
  • She finds joy in exploring new destinations and immersing herself in diverse cultures through travel. 
  • Fashion is a passion for her, and she possesses an extensive collection of clothing and accessories. Chanel stands as her favorite designer.
  • One of Hailey’s favorite activities is indulging in a delicious Korean corn dog, which happens to be her third most cherished pastime.

Wingit Onlyfans

Wingit Onlyfans
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The Charges of a 30-day subscription to Her OnlyFans is $12.99. 3 months for $29.23, 6 months for $46.76, and 12 months for $77,94. She has posted 1320 post and 3831 media on Onlyfans Page

Physical Appearance

Hailey’s gorgeous blend of dazzling blonde hair and attractive brown eyes is responsible for her magnetic charm. Her unique attractiveness is enhanced by her unique features. At a height of 5’6″ (167 cm), she portrays a graceful and confident appearance. Whenever she goes, Hailey’s stunning look grabs people’s attention and makes an impact that sticks. Her physical characteristics are a wonderful match for her inner confidence and grace, letting her stand out in every situation. Her body measurements further enhance her appeal, with a curvaceous figure measuring 38-25-36 inches, a bra size of 34D, a waist size of 25 inches, and hip size of 36 inches.


As of now, Hailey Wingit’s estimated net worth is approximately 3 million USD. Her income primarily stems from various sources, including brand endorsements, acting engagements, her involvement in the fashion industry, and her content on platforms like OnlyFans. Her financial portfolio has been successfully built through these avenues.

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