Pixwox : The Anonymous Insta App and Its Alternatives

Are you curious about viewing your partner’s story without revealing your identity? If so, look no further than the Pixwox application! This powerful tool allows you to anonymously view your partner’s story and enjoy all the benefits of social media without the risk of being discovered.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is a versatile application that allows you to browse Instagram stories, posts, and profiles and easily download images and videos with just a few taps. You can also use it to edit and share your content, create albums, and add hashtags to organize your photos and videos.

Key features

No login requirement

To use Instagram, you don’t have to be logged in. It means you can use the app without sharing your login credentials or worrying about your account being compromised. 

Download videos and photos.

It allows you to download videos and photos in their entirety, so you can access the original files and use them as you wish. 

The speedy download of stories

You can download Instagram stories quickly, so you don’t have to spend much time waiting for the content to load. 

Copy links

The app supports copy links, which means you can easily copy the links to your favorite Instagram posts and share them with others. 

Sophisticated bubble service

Pixwox’s bubble service allows you to stay on the app while you browse Instagram, so you don’t have to keep switching between applications. 

Batch downloads

You can download multiple images and videos at once with it, saving you time and effort.

How to use it

Pixwox : The Anonymous Insta App and Its Alternatives 2

If you’re interested in learning how to view and download Instagram videos or stories from someone else’s account, here are some steps that can help: 

Copy the Instagram account username of the person whose story or video you wish to see. Open the Pixwox website on any browser that supports JavaScript, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge. 

In the input field provided, enter the username of the person whose story or video you want to download or view, then click the search button. 

It will collect and process the stories before displaying them to you. You can visit the posts page if you only want to download and view posts. 

You will see a “DOWNLOAD” link below each story and post. To start the download, click the provided link.This app makes it incredibly easy to download Instagram stories and post videos and photos.


  1. It enables you to download restricted content from the internet without logging in or registering to your account.
  2. Your identity remains anonymous while using it, ensuring your privacy.
  3. It is a safe and secure platform that protects your personal information.
  4. The app offers an interactive and user-friendly interface for a smooth user experience.
  5. It’s a Completely free app that doesn’t require any payment for its services


  1. It has received negative evaluations from users. 
  2. The tool frequently needs help finding the desired Instagram account.
  3. It sometimes faces issues in finding the desired user account and data
  4. It is a relatively new tool in the industry and has yet to gain much attention. So It needs to be better known on social media.
  5. No customer support team is available to assist users in case of issues or concerns. 
  6. It has a limited set of features compared to other Instagram downloading tools. i.e. limited customization.

These factors indicate that Pixwox may not be the best option for those seeking to download Instagram content.


Insta Stories Viewer: This free tool allows users to view Instagram stories from active users anonymously. It is safe and secure and even lets users view deleted stories. Additionally, it provides stickers, polls, and filters for stories. 

Dumpor: This tool allows users to view Instagram stories, pictures, and locations with hashtagging and geographic tagging. Dumpor offers capabilities like Instagram photo and content downloading, and there are no restrictions on downloading data from it.  

Instalker: This easy-to-use app lets users view Instagram profiles, posts, and stories secretly without alerting the account user. Its primary purpose is quickly finding out who is stalking and visiting your account. 

4K Stogram: This secure application lets users download and back up their Instagram account, photos, and videos without signing in. It offers a simple method of offline access to thousands of Instagram photos. 

Zoom You: This free tool lets users search, view, and download Instagram user profile photos, videos, and stories without following them. However, users cannot view an individual user’s old or deleted postings through this app. 

Instasave: This website lets users view and download Instagram profiles, stories, and reels anonymously. It is a fantastic tool for Instagram users who want to view their partner’s profile secretly.


Pixwox is a free Instagram repost and downloader tool that allows users to download and repost photos and videos on Instagram without requiring a login. While the software has some advantages, such as its fast downloading speed, ability to download content in its entirety and support for copy links, it also has some drawbacks, such as negative evaluations, difficulty in finding desired accounts, and a lack of popularity. Ultimately, whether to use Pixwox depends on an individual’s needs and preferences.

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