Windstream: Different Bill Payment Options 

You must have heard about the exceptional internet services that Windstream offers. The provider ensures that customers only get top-notch services, so they can enjoy using the internet without any hassle. It understands that the overall customer experience is one of the most important factors in maintaining a successful business.

If you are a Windstream internet user and have questions regarding the billing methods, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the billing options offered by Windstream, so you can choose any method you like. Moreover, if you still have questions regarding your billing with Windstream, then there are several ways to reach out to its support team. 

We know that it can be frustrating to encounter billing problems, but there is no need to worry because the company has a dedicated customer service department to assist you. So, let’s get started! 

4 Bill Payment Options

Windstream knows that offering a variety of payment options could lead to gaining more customers in the future. This is the reason it offers several convenient ways to pay monthly bills because late payments might result in additional charges which can be frustrating. So, be careful and pay your internet bills on time by choosing any of the below-listed bill payment options.  

By Phone

If you prefer paying bills by phone, then you can directly call (833) 241- 0100, and your payment will be completed through an automated phone system. Only the processing fees will be applied, and no additional charges. The team is available 24/7, and you will immediately be connected with a representative who will assist you with your billing queries.

And if you are a Spanish speaker looking for more billing information then you can dial número de teléfono de Windstream. 

Go Kinetic Application 

This is one of the easiest ways via which you can pay your internet bills because you just have to download the Go Kinetic Application. The application is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, so you can easily download it and log into your account. 

By Mail 

To make it more convenient for the customers, Windstream allows users to pay their bills via mail. You simply have to ensure that payment is delivered on time, either in the form of a cheque or money order. For example, if you are living in Lousiville, you can mail your payment to: 


P.O Box 9001908

Louisville, KY 40290-1908

If you are living in some other city, then you can reach out to its support team for the complete mailing address. 


If you can easily find a retail store and prefer paying your bills in person, then you easily can. You can visit to find a nearby retail store near you. 

3 Common Billing Problems

Some of the common issues that the users might face are listed below. 

Service Names on Invoices Are Not Accurate

Your billing invoice should always list the accurate services you have subscribed to. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for you to recognize what you are paying for. In addition, it will be difficult for you to understand whether you are being billed for the right services or not. This can create a lot of confusion, and you might get frustrated. 

Being Billed for Services, You Did Not Subscribe 

Nothing is worse than being billed for the services you did not subscribe to or no longer need. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems internet users face. This can be disastrous for your pocket and sanity. So, you need to contact the support team immediately for corrections and ensure that the changes are reflected on the correct bill.  

Your Old Bank Account Is Charged

Most of the time, when people change their banking details, their old account is still charged. You might have already added all the details, but your latest bills come off with both of your accounts. However, before you get frustrated, check whether you have added the new details before the due date or not. Because most ISPs bill in advance, the corrections should be made before a certain date.  

How to Contact the Customer Service Department of Windstream? 

Windstream knows subscribers are likely to face the above-listed issues, which is why it offers several different ways to contact its support team. Customer service is important because it inspires customer loyalty and helps businesses grow. This is the reason Windstream offers great customer services and different modes to reach out to the support team so that all issues and queries of customers are catered to on time.  

By Phone

For any billing issues, you can contact the support team by dialing (833) 926-2587. The service team is available 24/7 so you can dial the number anytime and you will be guided right on the spot. 

Through Live Chat

If you want to chat with a customer service representative, you can easily do so by visiting the official website of Windstream and clicking the “Chat” button. A chat window will appear, and you can type in your question, and a representative will respond to you promptly.

By Filling out the “Contact Us” Form

If you would like to contact Windstream’s customer service department via email, you can easily do so by filling out the “Contact Us” form. The form is available on its official website. Just ensure you include the complete details of your issue, so the team can easily contact you. The provider guarantees that users will be contacted within two days.

Through Social Media

Windstream’s support team is active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can easily contact the team via direct message, and the social team will respond promptly or discuss the issue with you. 


We know that paying bills is indeed a tough job! But if you are a Windstream subscriber, then you are lucky because there are several ways to contact Windstream’s customer service department. We hope after reading this blog, you are aware of how you can pay your internet bills. So, forget about surpassing the due dates and pay your bills immediately. 

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